Jackpot Winner - Carry Over
High Score
February 4, 2006
Nick Foss
Goose Egg - Game chosen was Twilight Zone. The one arm rule was used again. One arm at your side, the other arm for anything for the entire game.
February 11, 2006
Terry Web
Goose Egg - Game chosen was Twilight Zone. Return lanes and the entire right sling shot area was removed, no bang backs or death saves. This made for a large area to drain from.
February 18, 2006
Derek Fugate
Goose Egg - Game chosen was The Addams Family Gold. Return lanes were removed, star posts and rubber rings were in their place except near the flippers. Back of game was raised as much as possible. This way when the ball went down the return lane it might be rolling fast enough to roll onto the flipper, but you had to shoot. Trying to trap or hold the ball and it would roll back and drain. And the A target in the center of the playfield by the left side of the ramp entrance was rewired to cause a slam tilt. So not having time to aim this created a rather frustrating game ending target to try and not hit. Game play was very fast and those that tried multiple players were usually sorry they did that because often the other players didn't get to play after a slam tilt.
February 25, 2006
Tina Curtis
Goose Egg - Game chosen was Demolition Man. All five of the yellow stand up targets were rewired so that hitting any one of them tilted your ball.